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Consignment 101

Q? What is Consignment?

A. Consignment is the perfect way to turn your gently used clothes, accessories, or furnishings into cash!

As a consignor with Peach Pepper Jam, The Marketplace you provide your items which will be placed in the store. When an item sells, you will receive 40-50 percent of the sales price, depending on the designer. 


Q? How/when can I bring items in to consign?

A. You may bring your items at any time during our regular store hours. We will choose which items we believe would sell in the store. If you are dropping off, we will separate all items not chosen and these should be picked up within 72 hours. If not retrieved within the 72-hour period, they will be donated to a local charity.


Q? What items can I consign with Peach Pepper Jam, The Marketplace?

A. We accept gently used women’s and teen girls' clothing, clothing accessories, household furnishings, and home decor. 

Q? What are the criteria for items accepted?

A. Merchandise must be purchased and in style for the last 1-3 years and in excellent condition. Clothing should be clean, and free of stains, tears, or missing buttons. Items should either be on non-returnable hangers or neatly folded. Items new with tags are always a plus.


Q? How much do you pay when the item sells?

A. You as the consignor will receive 40% before tax of the final sell price for clothing and accessories. Designer handbags and furniture earn 50% of the selling price before taxes.

Q? How do I get paid?

A. You may pick up your check after your contract ends, or 60 days whichever comes first. Clients who live out of the area may choose to have their checks mailed to them.


Q? What happens to an item that doesn’t sell?

A. Items are to be consigned for a period of 60 days. Any items remaining five days after the consignment period become the property of the store. You are welcome to pick up your unsold items. Simply notify us by the end of the contract date.

Q? How long is the consignment period?

A. 60 days. After this period is over, you can choose to pick up your items, or they will be donated.

Q? Do you pay cash upfront for clothes?

A. No, we do not buy clothes upfront - they must sell in the store. We stock your items, and when they sell, we give you a percentage of the final sale price.

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